The trees that ruined the roof in the storm

We finally managed to clean the area to the West of Kilninan. Many of you noted that there were some very tall and unsafe trees hanging over that end of the church. Those were the trees whose branches broke in the storm of November 2013 and fell on the roof, causing all the damage.

It was a very difficult job, because the trees were very tall and it was unsafe to climb them. The tree surgeon we employed pointed out that the trees had begun to rot inside, which made the job even more urgent and difficult (and, obviously, more expensive).

The tallest branches of those trees had also grown among the electric wires, so cutting them down had to be done slowly, part by part, so we do no damage to the electric system on the island.

However, the worst part was the dangerous angle at which these branches hung over the roof. Having invested close to 150 thousand pounds in repairing the roof (actual works, purchase of new timber, new stone slates and all sorts of professional fees), the last thing we needed was another branch to collapse over the roof.

Now, the trees are cut and Kilninian has a better chance to face and survive the future storms (I have no doubt the ocean will ‘bless’ us with many more over the coming decades).

Once the trees were down, it was safe to put back the original bell-tower (you can see it in the photos below). I feel immense joy looking at this ancient church being slowly brought back to life. I also feel endless gratitude to you all – this was done ENTIRELY through your donations.

Please continue to support us and please be generous. Have trust that your contribution, as small as it is, will help us more than you realise. This is particularly true if you can pledge for a monthly donation. We still have a lot of work before us, and nothing can be done without all of us working together.

I look at all we have achieved and I feel I am witnessing a miracle. Thank God for blessing this work, and thank you for fulfilling it. Let us continue, let us finish what we have begun. And one day, not too far in the future, let us come together to the Monastery and pray. Who doesn’t need prayer today?…

IMG-20161011-WA0002 IMG-20161011-WA0003 IMG-20161011-WA0004

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4 Thoughts.

    • Indeed, more Light… I cannot tell you how happy I am to see Kilninian windproof and waterproof again. I could not have done anything without everyone’s help. Thank you, too. You’ve been a close friend to the Monastery and I appreciate it.

  1. Wonderful news that the bellcote has now been replaced on the refurbished roof and the church is returning to the landmark it once was. I pray that this physical restoration of the building is only the beginning and that its spiritual regeneration will soon follow.
    We will be staying on the island over Christmas and I look forward to seeing the renovated building and offering up my thanks to God. Once the building is safe for visitors, I hope it will be opened up for the public as often as possible.

    • Dear David, it really was a huge joy for me, too, to see the bell back on the roof. It was unsafe to put it back before we finished repairing the roof, as the roof was so badly affected it could have collapsed inside the church. Once we manage to build a small monastic house on the grounds, our intention is to keep Kilninian open at all times, for all visitors.
      Thank you for your kind comment and I pray you have a beautiful Christmas on the island.

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