Repairing the roof (and dealing with Insurance)

This summer has been so tiring, it is a miracle for me that I have made it through. However, this has also been the most beautiful summer since I started working for the Monastery, because I spent so much time in the Isles, mostly running the four Celtic Pilgrimages we organised. On the other hand, though, I barely had a chance to breathe, let alone keep up with posting and my inbox (I dread the thought of opening my inbox and facing the hundreds of unanswered emails waiting for me).

I attach a few photos I’ve taken at Kilninian during our last two pilgrimages. Work on repairing the roof is advancing well, thank God. By the beginning of autumn, we hope to have the church wind and water proof again. The builders told me that the pillars and most of the timber in the roof were the original wood (from 1755!), and that even at that time, they hadn’t used new timber. Instead, the roof of the church was built from recycled wood coming from shipwrecks, old doors, tables and so on.

We have had some bad news from the Insurance company, which have decided that they will only cover twenty thousand pounds of the total expense (which now looks set to go beyond one hundred thousand pounds). After days of frustration, we have decided that we are too small to fight this battle. Realistically, we would end up paying more on seeking legal advice and ordering new surveys than what we could (potentially) get from the Insurance company. We decided to simply let go of it and trust that God is in control of all aspects of the foundation of this Monastery. Rater than waste my energy on this, I shall focus on working more for the Monastery and praying harder.

Keep praying for me, and keep supporting the Monastery. By God’s grace, what was once only a beautiful dream is now slowly turning into reality. May God bless all of us.

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  1. “All you have to do some times is just to put your trust in God’s Saints. They’ll take you everywhere God wants you to be and they’ll make sure you never end up where God never wanted you to be.” ~Fr. Seraphim

  2. Dear Father Seraphim,
    May Saint Charbel of Lebanon be with you and your hard work!
    You are always in my prayers and may our Lord Jesus Christ Bless you, Amen!

  3. Praise God your faith has been rewarded and the roof is done and funded. I am deeply struck by your courageous mission. I note that Saint Charbel can be seen in your chuch . I have a passion for the Maronite order and have spent much time in Lebanon. Although I am unable to help financialy I may be of use to you in another way. Glory to God I possess a great talent for painting and am a gifted teacher. Many of my paintings are in Maronite monasterys. I would like to phone you to speak of possible ideas using my talents as a way to support your vision. You may note that my mother was Scottish and my father Irish therefore Celtic. Thank you Father. May angels walk with you always and guard every step.

  4. Dear Fr Seriphim;
    This isn’t of a spiritual nature but technical.
    I’ve been trying to order 4 items from the bookstore for my brother for his birthday and items say they are added to the cart but the cart is empty or half full. I get a PayPal error and my credit card method doesn’t work either.
    (I was a computer tech so I was thorough and tried on 2 devices).
    I live in Colorado (St.Spyridon) and want the items sent to my brother in California (he is a Deacon) which I indicated on the ship to. I didn’t get any input errors.
    Bonnie(Photini) Johnstone

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