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Our new website is ready. It took us many weeks of work, but it was all worth it. Apart from the beauty and simplicity of its design, we now have a website that is more pleasant for you to use and much easier for me to manage.

You will discover in time all the new features and the great ways to use it. I want to draw your attention to just three of its main advantages, that may go unnoticed otherwise.

First, you are now using an absolutely safe website. The main Monastery site (www.mullmonastery.com) and our Bookstore (shop.mullmonastery.com) are both SSL certified and financially secure. This means that all your transactions – all donations, booklet sales, pilgrimage payments and so on – are perfectly safe. We are determined to continue to invest work, time and money to make sure your data is entirely protected. Online safety is vital today, and we shall do all in our power to keep the website as safe and secure as possible.

You will also notice that all transactions – including donations – can now be done by credit or debit card, as well as PayPal. Many of you are not using PayPal, so it is important to provide you with other options to support the Monastery and pay for your pilgrimages and booklets.

The other thing you may see is that the website now has two different blog areas: the Monastery Blog (or simply ‘Blog’) and the ‘News’ section (the one you are reading now). We did this because I wanted to differentiate between the spiritual posts and the more practical ones dealing with the life of at the monastery.

Finally, the new website allows you to stream the podcasts we record for Ancient Faith Radio – Through a Monk’s Eyes. Very soon, I shall start recording shorter, but more frequent podcasts on topics that I wouldn’t normally approach in the current podcast. These will be much more personal, and perhaps much more interesting to you precisely because they will be on topics close to my heart. Once uploaded, they will be available for download exclusively through the monastery website, as a way to raise funds for the monastic house we need to build in 2018.

That’s it for now. I am terribly happy about the new website and I shall develop it further and upload more material (new posts, photographs, videos, podcasts etc) after the end of our first Celtic Festival this summer, which started this Saturday.

Please say a small prayer for Catalin and his wife Mihaela. Catalin built the new website, while Mihaela single-handedly took care of their two very young children, so he and I could have countless hours (usually after mid-night) about the website. I am immensely grateful to both of them, as I am to each of you who contribute in so many and creative ways to the realisation of this wonderful common dream: the Monastery of All Celtic Saints.

May we all be blessed.

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  1. Thank you so much for saying that, dear Sarah. We have been uploading more material on the site over the last two weeks, and it is almost ready by now. We still have to create a Photo Gallery, but most of the content is uploaded already. I shall make sure to tell Catalin (Soca), our web designer, that you like the site. He has worked for months to build the website I had in mind: elegant, simple and functional; we’ve been working at night, because he has two babies, a full time job, and is doing all the work in his free time as a gift for the monastery. It’s nice to see his work appreciated. Thank you.

  2. I also like the new web page. I am looking forward to the photo gallery in due course, too.
    Many our Lord continue to abundantly bless this holy work.

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