A Wonderful Piece of News

I want to share with you the wonderful news that we have started the repairing works at Kilninian, our 1755 monastery church. Six months after we started our fundraising campaign to repair the roof, we have secured the one hundred thousand dollars we needed to start the works.
This miracle is entirely thanks to you. Your generosity, your prayers, your constant encouragement to keep going, to keep working, to hold on to my hope in Christ: this made it possible to even begin the work to establish the Monastery of All Celtic Saints on the Isle of Mull, and this will make it possible to finish it.
Please share this great news with everyone you know has made even the smallest donation to our monastery. I have a few emails, I can post things here, but most of the funds have come from your fellow parishioners, your friends, your family, people whom I have met only once and to whom I have never had the chance to say thank you. Please forward this email to them and thank them on my behalf and on behalf of our Monastery.
We own Kilninian. We have raised the funds we need to buy the land around it. We have now started the work to make this ancient building wind and waterproof again. By the grace of God, the last thing we need to do is raise the funds to build the actual monastic cells; we have two years to do that, until the summer of 2018.
For the time being, let us rejoice in this great news. Together, and under God’s blessing, we have saved a site of major importance to the Celtic Christian heritage of the world; we have saved one of the oldest still standing churches in the Scottish Isles. Together, and under God’s blessing, we are getting very close to returning Orthodox monasticism to its Celtic home after more than a thousand years.
May God bless you, the Friends of the Monastery – each of you, known and unknown to me (but always known to God) – for your love and your sacrifice.

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